Health Insurance for Tantrum Niche Musicians, Contractors, Collaborators, and YOU!

It has been a hot-button issue in the media, in politics, and even in casual conversations with friends and family. There has been something similar to a mandate from the United States Government, and everything but pleading from the President himself, that somehow- all Americans need to be covered by a health insurance policy. Many people oppose the topic itself, and would rather talk about anything else.

Personally, I went from being worried about how someone in my line of work was supposed to comply with this mandate. Recurring, expensive monthly obligations are not especially easy to meet without reliable, high-dollar income. For all of the money that I do make and lines of credit I have built upon, there are still plenty of lulls, and times where investments have to be made that require “tightening the belt” for a month or two.

I went from being concerned about health insurance being something that would cost me hundreds of dollars a month, and quite possibly would be of no use to me in an actual time of crisis. I had heard these kinds of horror stories, and lived through a few of them too. Now I am excited, because I have found a few tiers of coverage which I could choose from, and refer other workers to, who are presently not covered or under-insured.

If you’re interested in getting yourself and maybe some loved ones covered with a health insurance policy, please let me know by emailing I will put you in touch with Brent, who is  an amazing violinist, a good friend, and also (among other talents and occupations) a very good insurance agent who can explain this stuff to anybody, and bring them the relief of knowing that they’re covered for variable and reasonable rates.

I did think, as I was going in to meet with Brent about getting myself and colleagues insured, “It’s time to pay the fiddler.” I ended up walking out in a much better mood than I walked in with, and I was excited about helping myself and my friends to get insured. Some of the monthly rates aren’t even $30, and of course- you can pay upwards of $400 for the “Cadillac” of plans, which only makes sense if that’s a drop in the ocean for the medical expenses that one could have; as in fighting catastrophe with expensive drugs surgery, and hospital stays.

I thought it would be more like being forced to buy a brand new Cadillac when all I really need and can easily afford is a slightly used car that isn’t going to break down critically, repeatedly, and/or ever. Yes- the brand new Caddy would do the job nicely, though it would introduce many more obligations and force me to raise prices everywhere. Heated seats aren’t as important as perfect brakes, metaphorically and realistically.

Back to the point I was making before I got lost in the metaphor-forest, or “The Metaphorest,” as I will call it. In closing, I have discovered that any working American can afford insurance, though many choose not to get coverage because they want or need to use the money on other things. There are companies in which simply starting an application process will save a lot of time in the event of a catastrophe, and having a low-priced policy can be upgraded within 24 hours of a catastrophe occurring.

I’m so happy to have figured out how I can afford health insurance, and I am even happier that everyone at Tantrum Niche Records is going to be covered as well, at least to a point where in the event of catastrophe, most or all of the paperwork is filled out and their loved ones can be with them instead of entering in a bunch of redundant personal information. Remember- email me directly if you need more information, and I’ll personally get you set up with our trusted, friendly, licensed and accomplished insurance gurus.  They, like everyone else I work with on the Tantrum Niche label, are amazing at what they do and people I would gladly spend my good times with.

John Maxfield / Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Multi-Instrumentalist and Performing Songwriter  for:

T A N T R U M  N I C H E  R E C O R D S / 636-244-1902


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